Air Cooled Volkswagen Services

Evan Specializes in Air-Cooled Volkswagen’s. Evan offers full services for repairing, maintenance and refining your Air Cooled VW engine. Yes, you too can have a reliable and powerful VW Bus or Beetle engine.

Classic Automotive Repair Services

Servicing classic European and Domestic cars and trucks. Focused on long term and special projects, custom modifications for hard to find parts. Engine, transmission, suspension, breaks, front end and more…

Engine Machine Shop Services

Evan offers head and block resurfacing, refacing valves, lifters and rockers, honing and boring. The shop is equip with two lathes and two Bridgeports for making obsolete parts, tooling and custom accessories. Jet wash services included.


The best way to reach me is by phone, please leave a voice message.

       (802) 467-3893

(this land line does not receive text messages)

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