1969 Ford F100 Restoration

Restoring my 1969 Ford F100 Pickup truck. I swapped engines with the intent to sell her and then I ended up taking apart the entire front end. I decided to keep my 69 Ford pickup and make her the truck I dream her to be. I document the entire build in this tread. It began in the summer of 2020...

Front End Restoration


Once I decided to keep the truck I thought I should finally install that new carpet I ordered last year. Then I thought, I better fix the leak in the cab before I install the carpet. One thing lead to another.

The next thing I knew the entire drivers side cab mount needed to be rebuilt!

Front End Restoration

Front Cab Mount

Fabricating the drivers side cab mount to replace what rotted out from a good old mouse that entered via the emergency break cable. It built a nice comfy nest and it's piss turned my mount into corn flakes!

Fabricating, I shaped the steal and welded it in, grafting in the access hole from the old mount so that it looked original.

Front End Restoration


The leak inside the cavity needs to be fixed so I cut out the  fender mount to gain access.

Using my scope and a small paint brush I coated the leaking seam in the cowl cavity with seam sealer.

Front End Restoration


Inside the cab I sanded the floor, did a rust treatment and painted. She's ready for carpet.